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acts about Michigan Asparagus Industry

  • Michigan ranks third in the nation for Asparagus production producing up to 25 million pounds annually.
  • Oceana County, around Hart and Shelby, is the area with the greatest volume of production but there is also substantial production in SW Michigan between South Haven and Benton Harbor.
  • Michigan growers harvest approximately 11,000 acres of asparagus annually.
  • The average yield for Michigan asparagus growers is 2,100 pounds per acre but plantings of newer hybrid varieties have been harvested at up to 3,000 pounds per acre.
  • 25% of the harvest is sold as fresh asparagus in the vegetable section of the grocery store or at a roadside market.
  • Of the 75% of the crop sold to processors, 38% will be frozen as cuts & tips or spears and 62% will be canned as cuts & tips or spears.
  • The total annual value of the Michigan asparagus crop is estimated at $15,000,000.
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